The Pinnacle Awards is an annual event hosted by the Rockland Business Association (RBA) that has been going strong for 13 years. Every year, they honor exceptional people that help business in Rockland County grow and prosper.

The event had a gathering of more than 300 guests with 6 prestigious Pinnacle Award winners including our own Jay Holt who received the Contracting & Development Award. It was a great moment for both Jay and Holt Construction as our own foundation is quite literally set in Pearl River.

As you know Fred L. Holt founded Holt Construction and set-up shop in Pearl River nearly 97 years ago. While in the 50s his son Fred A. Holt built iconic structures such as the Rockland National Bank.

We would like to thank the RBA, the businesses and the people of Rockland County for helping Holt Construction grow and help shape the infrastructure of this great county.

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