As with our Retail work, Holt’s Food & Beverage experience spans the market, levels of intricacy, and locations. 

Every build out has its challenges, some more than others as with being in the public eye and have to provide a safe and secure site in an operating airport. Security escorting and logistics are a every day occurrence as well as being restricted to a small space that not only is being renovated but also is for material storage for build out. Trade coordination is challenging due to the limited space allowed, which is usually the build out footprint. We cover almost every construction protocol, from roof top AC units and exhaust fans to underground plumbing, fire dampers, to furnishing and art work. Airport build outs requires full contact with almost every agency related to the Airport operations.

Our clientele in this market will help us to synchronize the construction of the project and aid your team in the successful organization of the end users. This video showcases one of our biggest clients, OTG also known as the United Experience completely re-imagines the idea of the airport terminal, meeting the evolving travel and lifestyle needs of the hub’s 20-million annual passengers. At the Newark Airport United Terminal C in Newark, N.J., United Airlines and OTG have curated an unprecedented collaboration of the world’s greatest chefs, designers and leading-edge technology.

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