Holt Construction was proud to participate in the Blast Off event hosted by Works In Progress Associates that highlighted Women in the Trades and the need for increased representation in the trades by Women and Minority groups.

The event was hosted at the Jobsite at 401 State St. in Brooklyn. The speakers at the December 8th event were inspiring and highlighted a number of projects in the works, including the re-development of the former Bayview Correctional Facility in Chelsea into The Women’s Building, a global hub for the girls’ and women’s rights movement. The Women’s Building will focus on hiring an additional percentage of women in skilled trades to make up the workforce during its construction.

Holt Construction looks forward to the successful State of Being project as well as participating and partnering on additional projects advocating for Women and minority groups joining Skilled Trade Unions. So far the initial goal of 25% for State of Being has been surpassed and a new higher bar has been set at 29%.

Participants and speakers in Thursday’s event included people from the following organizations:

Works In Progress Associates, Brooklyn Deputy Borough President, Union representatives, NY Department of Labor, NEW (Non traditional Employment for Women), and Debra Simonelli on behalf of Holt Construction.

To find out more about WPA, visit their website at: http://www.wpa-works.com/

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