In today’s chaotic environment, we are mindful of almost everything, from the car next to us on the drive to work and to those around us on the subway platform.

However when we hit the job site, our guard drops because we are working with peers in our industry and there is a bond of togetherness as people work side by side towards a common goal. We need to embrace a different mindset, as now the goal is to work safely on the job site.

For example,

we work on all types of projects, from ground site work to high-end retail where each type of project has its own set of mindful awareness.

 A restaurant fit out has a different feel than excavation for footings

This is where we train to be mindful of our project demands and what is required.

As we evaluate ourselves with job-site trades, we should be mindful of their demeanor. Evaluate their work ethic and determine who we need to keep more of an eye on. Mindfulness not only keeps us safer on the job, as well as the other trades around us, but it also helps us perform our job better and more efficiently. It helps us see issues as they materialize instead of later on down the line. This job is always a challenge and always changing depending on the tasks at hand on the project, so mindfulness is essential to doing the job well and safely.

For insight

on how to become more Mindful on the jobsite or in general
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