Holt Construction is pleased to announce the completion of a State of the Art Helipad project at Overlook Medical Center, part of Atlantic Health System (AHS), which will allow Atlantic Ambulance Corporation’s Neuro Critical Care Transport team, in collaboration with Atlantic Neuroscience Institute and specially-trained medical personnel, to provide the highest level of neuroscience care.

Atlantic Health System engaged Holt Construction to serve as Construction Manager and General Contractor in order to construct the HeliPad on top of the 11th floor roof of Overlook Medical Center, in Summit, NJ.

Holt initially provided pre-construction services in March of 2016, needing to coordinate several issues including the use of a crane in a rear loading area of the medical center and the shut down of two elevators. Working with the project designer Buckl Architects and Overlook Medical Center personnel, the project was also coordinated with multiple local authorities and the NJ State Police Aviation Bureau.

Holt contracted with FEC Heliports, a firm that has designed and manufactured over 150 aluminum rooftop helipads in the US, for this assignment. The heliport arrived at the medical center after a steel structure was constructed to support the system.  It included not only the deck and safety netting, but also lighting, fire suppression skids and snow-melting skids. In addition to relocating over 80 antenna’s to other areas on the roof, Holt reconstructed the existing rooftop penthouse and completed a comprehensive elevator modernization and car upgrade for two elevators.  The project was completed in October of 2016.