Concessionaires have raised the bar on dining experiences for passengers who look for more than just simple tasteless grub. In the past dining at any US airport meant large chain fast food or grab and go. The new trend is foodie-centric, unique and hip airport restaurants and bars. No longer are travelers ushered into cattle lines to dark, small, vanilla box spaces. Now they relax in one-of-a-kind concepts with celebrity chefs at the helm.

Not only are the food concepts new and fresh but the space design are trendy and unique. Just walking into any of the new venues provides the traveler with a heightened visual experience. New technological advances give the passenger greater connectivity as well as efficiency for the restaurant staff.

Diners can treat themselves to a farm to table, locally sourced, freshly prepared, chef inspired meal at almost every major domestic airport.

About 6,000 + iPads are installed at United Airline’s Terminal at Newark Airport Alone.

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Companies like OTG, SSP America, HMS Host, Westfield, AirMall, and Marketplace are partnering with the airline industry to create a total experience within the terminals. The concessionaires are diversifying their portfolio’s as well with a healthy mix of National, Regional, and Proprietary brands/concepts. You can read more about our airport concession projects in our news section as well.

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