On May 16th, 2017, Chris Asaro, President of Holt Construction, received the WeforShe Champions Award at the 13th annual Women Builders Council (“WBC”) event, which honored key decision makers in the construction industry to affirm their commitment to gender equality, as well as increasing diversity and the role of women in the construction industry.

Antonina Caruso, Director of Business Development; Emily Cosme, Project Manager; Jacqueline Toro, Project Manager; June Perino, Assistant Project Manager; Brittany Farsetta, Assistant Project Manager; Taylor Steucke, Assistant Project Manager; and Abby Jozwicki, Senior Project Accountant, were also singled out and honored during the event as Next Generation of Women Builders. These are just a few of the women who make it happen at Holt. These ladies have been chosen because of their passion, dedication and drive within our firm.

The Winning Formula:

“Open Communication and a Commitment
to Mentorship”

Over the past five years, under the leadership of Chris Asaro, President of Holt Construction Corp. (“Holt”), Holt has expanded the participation of women within their organization and on their project sites by 50 percent. Asaro credits Holt Construction’s “open communication” culture and his team’s commitment to internal mentorship and leveraging the different strengths of women at all levels within the company.

Chris Asaro
President | Holt Construction

With an understanding that the construction industry is built on innovation and diversity, Holt works with several groups such as, Non-Traditional Employment for Women (“NEW”), NY Building Trades Council, Women Builders Council, and the Professional Women in Construction regional chapters to increase their workforce and ensure women have opportunities to grow internally and externally. Together with these organizations, they employ a diversified group of women who perform skilled labor on their project sites, as well as business professionals who manage various aspects of Holt’s business.

Asaro is a firm believer that having an “open door” policy is the key to attracting and retaining women within the firm. He personally mentors young employees and encourages an honest dialogue within all levels of Holt. He also acknowledges that the firm is built on relationships and open communication, and this philosophy has successfully translated into his management style, resulting in an environment that is conducive for growth.

“Women rise through the ranks at Holt Construction because we have created an environment that is built on relationships and open communication. We embrace the different skill sets a diverse workforce and staff brings to the table, and we encourage the women in our team to leverage the strengths that make them different than the other.”

~ Chris Asaro, President | Holt Construction

Women Make it Happen at Holt

Alexandria Perotti
Project Executive

Antonina Caruso
Director of Business Development

Emily Cosme
Project Manager

Jacqueline Toro
Project Manager

June Perino
Assistant Project Manager

Brittany Farsetta
Assistant Project Manager

Taylor Steucke
Assistant Project Manager

Abby Jozwicki
Senior Project Accountant

Alexandria Perotti
Project Executive

Alexandria Perotti, an accomplished and results oriented Project Management Executive with Holt Construction for over 20 years and an Executive Board Member of the WBC, presented Palmina Whelan, American Airlines Managing Director of Real Estate & Facilities, Corporate Real Estate Division, with the WBC’s Champion Award.
Palmina is responsible for managing major airport capital improvement projects in Dallas, and the Northeast and Central Regions of the U.S. Ms. Perotti specializes in managing complex Aviation and high end Retail and Food & Beverage projects within Aviation property. Together Alexandria and Palmina have collaborated on several highly successful projects that have met or exceeded W/MBE goals of over 30%.

A Game Changer

Project for the Women in Trades

Holt Construction is currently providing Construction Management services for the New York City headquarters for The State of Being. The original structure was built in 1925 and the three story building will be fully renovated and include a new fourth floor. The project is slated to achieve LEED Gold Certification status.
Holt is working in conjunction with Debra Inwald who is a WBC Board Member and her firm Works In-Progress. “A Game Changer”, located in Brooklyn, NY. This project has unique Work Force Goals which would have over 25% of the trades on site to be women including project managers, apprentice, journey men and tradespeople. Currently Holt Construction has over 35% of the workforce and continuing to challenge and increase this goal daily by working with NEW (Non Traditional Employment for Women) and the NY Building Trades Council. In addition to construction labor workforce, Holt has exceeded the State of Being’s requirement for 25% participation from subcontractors who have M/WBE certified status.