Safety Week kicks off Today through the rest of the week.

From May 7th through the 11th Holt Construction will be participating in Safety Week with our own Ed Pross and the teams of Holt Construction. Throughout the week Mr. Pross will send out Safety Toolbox Tips along with specialized safety videos showcasing the hazards of construction work sites and how to prevent them by identifying the Fatal Four and to talk about the power of Safe Choices. 

“Our Goal is to continue to reduce those  number in our work place. Holt Construction Corp. is dedicated to all aspects of quality, professionalism, and integrity. We demand that of all Sub-contractors, as a controlling employer. We have the responsibility to implement and maintain a safety culture, that exemplifies, our commitment to those demands, and provide the blue print for all to follow. It is not an easy task, and incidents still occur, resulting in injury and or illness. The task at hand is to provide a work safe environment, thru careful site specific planning, and  consistent communication.”

– Ed Pross