Go-To-Girl says it all actually.

During her 16 Months at Holt Construction Corp., Taylor Steucke has become a sort of miracle worker in the fast paced Viewpoint world of New York City.

As part of the original gang of the ‘Viewpoint Pilot Team’ Taylor helped put our new system through its paces well before the go-live date and gained invaluable insight to the inner workings of the myriad modules it offers.

Once the NYC crew figured out that Taylor had the knowledge, she became the trainer, troubleshooter, billing coordinator and master of how things get done. As the Wizard of Viewpoint Ms. Steucke helped guide project teams at Bright Horizons, Brookfield, Disney and Con-Ed along with myriad close outs for lingering projects. IN addition to her normal duties, Taylor is now the Assistant Project Manager for a high-profile architectural retail giant one-of-a-kind project in the West Village area of Manhattan. Given her degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute, Taylor is bringing her architectural vision and passion for Green Building to bear upon a new boutique hotel borne from a very cool turn of the century structure with salvage as the headline. We are confident that Ms. Steucke’s personal involvement along with the other team members will ensure a safe and successful project.

Hailing from the far away state of Washington, Taylor is enjoying the rest of what New York City has to offer by bringing her West Coast style to the borough of Brooklyn when not in the office. Her commute via train is surrounded and eclipsed by her trilogy of passions in baking, wine and kickboxing. A perfect harmony of precision, indulgence and dedication.

Bright Horizons Children’s Centers Daycare Facility

Bright Horizons Children’s Centers Daycare Facility

March 4, 2016