In 1919, after resigning from his long time employment as a Master Carpenter at William Randolph Hearst, founder Fred L. Holt decided to establish his own construction firm in Pearl River, NY formerly Fred L. Holt, Inc. today called Holt Construction Corp.

”99% sweat and 1% luck”

This philosophy successfully guided the company through the Depression and on the road to being one of Rockland County’s oldest and well respected firms.

  • Developed the first movable partition system
  • Opened the first model home in the United States
  • Started several Local Unions, providing skilled workers
    to the area



In 1950, his son Fred A. Holt continued this tradition of excellence. Fred left the employment of an international construction company to lead Fred L. Holt, Inc. into the next generation of construction; entering the industrial, commercial and institutional markets.

Fred brought large clients to the company including AVON, IBM, Dexter Press, Federal Paper Board and Kay-Fries Chemicals, Inc.

  • A registered Architect he graduated from Cooper Union
  • During WWII he worked for The Austin Company overseeing the construction of Floyd Bennett Field, The GE Tank Plant in Allentown, PA and an iron ore mine in the Adirondack mountains
  • In 1950 Fred started working for the Family Business
  • Moved the company out of housing and into industrial and commercial projects

Serving local, regional and national Fortune 500 clients, Holt has one of the nation’s leading employee, sub-contractor and client retention records due to Jack’s determination to build a strong and dedicated team that blends state-of-the-art technology and scalable construction practices with a passion for outstanding customer service.

  • Achieved extraordinary growth since his start in 1974
  • Over the past 5 years Holt has been ranked in the Top 300 Contractors in the United States by ENR
  • Holt’s office locations have grown from our Headquarters in Pearl River to Manhattan, Goshen, Newark, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston and Dallas