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Holt Construction Corp. understands the desire to seek Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for any project. As a firm, we have helped to attain LEED certification at every level, including LEED Gold, for a variety of our clients. LEED evaluates environmental performance from a “whole building” perspective over a building’s life-cycle. It provides a third-party green building certification tool designed to ensure building owners and occupants that their building meets critical standards of performance.

Our team consists of several LEED accredited professionals which ensure that our Materials Procurement Strategy and Construction and Waste Management Plans satisfy the LEED criteria. We implement Cx programs and provide Enhanced Commissioning to verify and document that the project and its systems and assemblies are designed, installed, and tested to meet the owner’s project requirements.

It is critical, to understand that every LEED point comes at a certain dollar value which can be obtained with the correct choice of points that stay within the project budget. As part of Holt Construction Corp.’s Pre-Construction services, we will place a cost value on each and every LEED point to assist the team in understanding the cost involved in reaching LEED status.

LEED Projects