Safety drives our project planning and operations. Working in sensitive environments, our teams, certified in specific sector security protocols, combine security controls with state-of-the-industry construction certifications to ensure zero incidents and no breach metrics.


Safety is a constant at Holt and safety assessments, training, and risk mitigation are part of our project approach and quality control and assurance programs. Our firms ‘Safety Culture’ is an amalgam of beliefs, values, and attitudes that reflect way we do things at Holt. Our safety culture is based on preplanning, preparedness, and employee training. Our proven track record and site-specific safety planning is designed to mitigate exposure to injury and illness even before we begin a project.

Our culture of preparation begins with a review of each Subcontractor safety policy prior to contract award. We evaluate the needs of each project and customize the safety training and prevention it requires.

In addition to recent COVID-19 protocol, OSHA safety standards, and other local regulatory requirements, We ensure that potential risks presented in a construction environment are identified, addressed, and reviewed during a process of planning, training, and ongoing site inspections.


Even before a project begins, Holt conducts an in-depth review of the project location and logistics to select the safest and most efficient security plan for the project. Specific to each project, we identify the optimal security plan for each location and the security phasing required. As part of its preconstruction review, we review alternative security plans with our clients to ensure that security requirements and regulations are deployed and maintained throughout the construction lifecycle of a project.