Increasingly, construction firms are assuming more risk. At Holt we are bottom line builders who understand the owner’s perspective. For many of our assignments, we provide program management services at the start of an assignment. Many of our team members have served on the client side before joining Holt and this enables us to see all aspects of construction from multiple perspectives. This approach enables us to identify risks and issues that will impact constructability at the start of a project.

Our program management services open the doors to new building models that enable owners to enjoy risk mitigation strategies as a project begins and through the operations life of a facility.

Information guides our preconstruction services. From analysis of existing site conditions, environmental assessments, review of existing project documentation, examination of current business work process, building and staging restrictions, labor requirements, and community impacts, our preconstruction services assist in setting up a project for success.

We prepare preliminary mobilization and site logistics plans that consider every facet of a project.

Our strength in estimating and preconstruction is our ability to understand how the project will be constructed in the field and in the ability to translate that scope into numbers that deliver the vision of the design team and owner. Our preconstruction services include:


Our process includes developing budgets and estimates varying from pre-schematic feasibility square foot cost projections to detailed quantity based construction cost estimates. During this early design phase, we build cost-effective construction solutions and system selection to guide designers and owners to better decisions on how to better construction a project. We phase and give priority to how spaces will align with functions and uses and that guidance drives the best.


Cost, schedule and impact comparisons provide important information as a project progresses. Changes are compared against original costs with a comparison estimate report produced to clearly shows where quantities, unit costs or scope have changed. During bidding and construction, our team relies heavily on our longstanding relationships with local subcontractors to ensure the absolute best pricing, productivity and jobsite harmony and ultimately an under-budget project at completion.


Along with the standard four-estimate approach — Preliminary Budget, Schematic, Design Development and Final Construction Cost — we help navigate the team between and among phases when critical decision points arise.


Value Engineering items could be a simplified detail that can be constructed more economically, a change in material that reduces cost but not aesthetics or a scheduling change that shortens overall project duration. We move quickly to perform a constructability review of the drawings and to more completely analyze systems and materials proposed for any potential cost impact, either positive or negative. Similarly, we offer value engineering solutions that may touch upon design/layout, materials or details that will lower GMP. Value Engineering suggestions are documented with cost estimate and schedule analysis and then presented for final direction from the Owner.


Conventional building projects segment phases. At Holt, we view constructability reviews as a continuous process. Our engagement with the design team allows us to offer constructability and cost control reviews during all phases of the project based on our early preconstruction information. Our reviews are continuous and include scope changes and its impact on costs and schedules, updated budgets and identification of any issues that will impact construction quality.