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Last week, twenty five students from Columbia University’s construction management program toured Holt’s Terminal 8 project site at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Senior Project Manager and Senior General Superintendent Alan Bates and Robert Kipp focused on teaching the students about Holt’s role within the larger redevelopment project and outlined some specific challenges the team has overcome during the course of the project relative to aviation construction within an active operational terminal, COVID, and various unforeseen conditions that the team has had to overcome.

Upon completion, the Terminal 8 Redevelopment project will increase overall capacity to allow for British Airways to relocate from Terminal 7. The project is approximately 80% complete and on target for a successful project completion. The project’s highlights include construction and commissioning of a new 5Kv electrical substation, expansion of the head-house and baggage handling system modernization, expansion of the hold room to accommodate awaiting area and new structure of wide-body aircrafts, modifications and reconfiguration of the C-Concourse, the development of a joint airline lounge, upgrades to the premium check in area and restroom renovations.

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