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As the client’s construction manager, Holt constructed multiple restaurants and quick serve eateries within the terminal, including the centerpiece location that houses a one-of-a-kind tree structure imported from a specialty agency in California and assembled on location.

Due to the larger construction of the terminal, Holt coordinated with other contractors and airport staff on all deliveries and shutdowns. Due to the nature of the overall construction, Holt collaborated with the various trades on the multiple projects for deliveries as egress, loading and unloading areas would change daily.

The projects consisted of tie-ins to existing duct work, electrical and plumbing. A majority of these concessions are equipped with full kitchens, bar area and sit-down dining areas. The restaurants consist of both free-standing kiosk and traditional sit-down concessions. The unique nature of these restaurants, including the structures and storefront required logistical planning when deliveries were made, on-site assembly and working with the various trades simultaneously when fitting-out the areas.

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