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Our very own Madelyne Grabowski and Teresa Robles volunteered with our partner Tools & Tiaras, a New York City based organization, for their 2022 Summer Camp.

Tools & Tiaras is an organization dedicated to advancing the interest and education in young girls and women who want to participate in non-traditional careers. Holt has partnered this year with Tools & Tiaras through our women’s employee resource group, Women of Holt.

Madelyne assisted with the Electrical Fun House workshop. She accompanied campers to an electrical industry training center. Teresa helped with the T.O.O.L.S (Total Ownership of Life Skills) workshop which was a feminist self-defense class.

Holt is proud to partner with an organization that seeks to build a lasting passion and curiosity within the present generations of girls and women that will make them consider a career as an electrician, carpenter, plumber or even an auto mechanic!

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