Through a combination of Holt’s senior leadership and our commitment to our core values, our professional teams are supported with exceptional organizational management and oversight on all projects. With an expanding professional team, we continue to invest in new talent, grow existing professionals, and cultivate the next generation of builders.

Sean Camo

Financial Controller

Nicholas Holt

Senior Systems Administrator

James Kavanaugh

Operational Controller

Rebecca Klebanoff


Joseph Martinez

Director of Preconstruction

Jason McKay

Director of Estimating

Christopher Musto

Director of Human Resources

Atul Paralkar

Director of Controls

Alexandria Perotti

Director of Corporate
Initiatives and Strategic

Edward Pross

Director of Safety

Jessica Rondash

Manager of Corporates
Strategy and Development

Jason Spector

Director of
Field Operations

Phillip Stiller

Executive Vice President
of Preconstruction

Kristen Ternullo

Director of Marketing