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Revolving Kitchen’s newest space will boast a 35,000 sq. ft., 34 kitchen space where restaurant owners, chefs, and caterers can rent a small commercial kitchen space for anywhere from a few hours to a year. After pivoting the business model due to COVID, the space primarily hosts ghost kitchens – restaurants that do delivery and pickup only. 

Different than its predecessor, the new Revolving Kitchen is not housed in an industrial space, and therefore, can offer dine-in and other services to tenants. The new Fairview venue will feature kitchens of five different sizes, ranging from 260 to 1,100 sq. ft., and will also integrate into Revolving Kitchen’s Virtual Food Hall app, which allows patrons to bundle orders from several of the venue’s restaurants into one transaction.

We cannot wait to see this completed space!

Click here to learn more about this new space and concept!


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