Holt Construction appreciates that the success of our business is based on the diversity of our employees. We believe that a varied of opinions, approaches, perspectives and talents are the cornerstones of a strong, flexible and competitive company. To this end, Holt Construction is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion in which all individuals are treated with dignity and respect. An inclusive, supportive environment enables us to consider and value the opinions of all of our employees, as well as those of our clients and our industry partners.

Holt Constructions’ inclusion & diversity initiative is at the very center of our core values. Caring about the well-being of people is critical to the culture of our company. Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion, and provide exposure to different life experiences, statistically have more successful outcomes for not only the company, but the overall team.  Diversity in teams leads to better decision-making, innovation (both on a project and corporate level) and inevitably higher returns for our organization.

Supporting diversity is the first step, but without inclusion a team does not benefit from what diversity has to offer. When we talk about inclusion, we mean an environment where all employees are:

  • Treated fairly and respectfully
  • Provided equal access to opportunities and resources
  • Welcomed and valued
  • Heard and understood
  • Appreciated for their unique contributions
  • Able to contribute to the company’s success

Inclusive Culture & Values

Building skills and developing Holt employees is critical to our success.

Holt Construction provides all employees with an annual series of training programs focused on building leadership skills. Valuing Diversity, Creating a Bully-Free Workplace, Valuing Differences for Mutual Success are only a few of them. These training programs provide a broad awareness of diversity and skills to work with diverse teams and to serve an increasingly diverse client base.

Our leaders take responsibility for valuing the contributions of all Holt employees and continue to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to transform the work environment into one where all employees can contribute fully to meet the business goals.

Build Lasting

We believe that every project is an opportunity to continually forge long-term relationships with our clients. We nurture these relationships by anticipating needs, exceeding expectations, and living up to our 98 Year distinction of delivering exceptional service.

Respect, Honesty
& Integrity

Our success is dependent on maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in the industry. We value our longstanding reputation and conduct our daily business with respect, honesty and integrity. We want to earn the right to build your projects.

Jobsite Harmony
& Efficiency

We cultivate a balanced atmosphere of cooperation with all project team members, and leverage each person’s strengths and talents. Jobsite harmony & balance are the operational cornerstones to delivering efficient and successful projects on time and on budget.

to Be Better

We promote professional improvement, sharing of ideas across our business, setting innovative goals, and encouraging our organization to embrace industry change with optimism. By bettering ourselves we provide our best service to every client.

Each Other

We respect the diversity and talents of every person in our employ. We believe in each other and aim to develop and retain the best people by promoting personal and professional growth, and celebrating the success and accomplishments of others.

Equal Employment Opportunity

At Holt, our goal is to foster and maintain a positive environment for all employees based on respect, trust and mutual communication. We embrace the diverse backgrounds, skills and talents of our employees and see our inclusiveness as an asset and competitive advantage as we address today’s business challenges pro-actively and effectively.

Our continued success depends on the full and effective utilization of our employees. Holt strives that all matters related to recruiting, hiring, training, compensation, benefits, promotions, transfers, terminations, layoffs and recalls, as well as all company-sponsored social and recreational programs and all treatment on the job, be free of unlawful discriminatory practices.

Holt is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to status as a protected veteran or a qualified individual with a disability, or other protected status, such as race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or age.
It is the responsibility of every employee to follow this policy conscientiously. We encourage questions or concerns regarding this policy be addressed to the Human Resources department. Employees who believe that there has been a violation of this policy should contact their direct supervisor and/or Human Resources.