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The construction industry poses challenges daily, that have the potential to cause serious physical harm. Holt Construction’s employee safety is top priority, and it is our duty to ensure each person has the opportunity of returning home, free of injury each day.

Companies should ensure they hire properly trained employees who are fit for the work they do and invest in training their field/labor staff.  At Holt, we ensure that each project is equipped with well experienced superintendents who hold an OSHA 30-hour construction training credential and are First Aid CPR AED certified. Holt employs safety officers to assist each project with on-site safety compliance and provides in-house safety training that covers OSHA construction safety standards.

Holt strives to keep its employees up to date on the most recent safety standards and our safety department has an open-door policy that provides coaching to anyone at every level. The safety department works as a team to deliver a high-level of safety performance on every project and we provide effective solutions whenever challenges arise. Being flexible in the construction industry is a must, approaching each situation objectively is the key to success. Holt takes its safety performance much more seriously and appreciate the offerings that are brought to the table from experienced safety professionals.

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Roland Leal – Senior Safety Officer


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