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To have a strong safety culture, it is important to have an overall workplace culture that fosters positive relationships and outcomes like respect, integrity, ethics, and a shared sense of duty to be truly effective. 

Your safety program needs to be layered on these cultural principles and we definitely have that here at Holt Construction through the leadership of our safety director ED Pross, all our safety officers, and our field teams. A company safety culture is a direct reflection of an organization’s overall culture. At Holt, everyone feels equally responsible for safety and pursues this on a daily basis. A positive workplace culture is key to an effective safety culture.

Fall protection is very important in the construction industry because falls are the most common causes of serious work-related injuries. Personal fall protection is a system that is used to provide protection from falling or to safely stop a fall when it occurs. This leads into the proper use of a ladder and ladder safety. Even a short fall from a ladder can be a serious safety hazard when used improperly. Understanding this culture and how to prevent hazards is extremely important to workers safety.

Learn more about Holt’s Safety Culture and hear from others.

Alexandria Perotti – Director of Corporate Initiatives and Strategic Planning

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