Our construction programs include a focus on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles that drive the way we operate our firm, build our projects, serve our clients, their end users and investors. We measure our work through globally accepted metrics such as LEED and WELL, and they are included in our services.


At Holt, we build with a strong social conscience and design our construction programs with an eye on social impacts and community benefits.


The way we operate our firm and consider the communities in which we build is an important part of the way we view our work. Corporate Social Responsibility is a newer term today; but it is ingrained in our operating philosophy since our founding over a century ago. We do not build in a vacuum and Holt continues to advance our CSR work in the way we engage with our clients and the communities in which we build.
Over the past several decades, attention to new environmental, social and governance standards have transformed the way we build and the way we operate our firm. The global goal of net zero emissions by 2050 is impacting the construction approaches, materials, technologies, and labor pools that are part of our construction program.
Our commitment to Environmental, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) principles is embedded throughout our business model and is shaping the way we approach every assignment and how we work with our clients. Today, we are redefining constructability into comprehensive plans that consider factors related to environmental, energy, and social impacts for our projects.
From the very first design drawings to final punch list project closeouts, our construction programs are defined to include standard and new sustainability metrics.


LEED evaluates environmental performance from a “whole building” perspective over a building’s life-cycle. It provides a third-party green building certification tool designed to ensure building owners and occupants that their building meets critical standards of performance. As a firm, we have helped to attain LEED certification at every level for several of our clients.


Our team consists of several LEED accredited professionals who work to ensure that our materials, procurement strategy, and construction and waste management plans satisfy our clients’ sustainability goals. We implement programs to provide enhanced commissioning to verify and document that the project and its systems and assemblies are designed, installed, and tested to meet the owner’s project requirements. Our Customer Experience (CX) are incorporated in our construction approach.


With new certifications such as WELL and Living Building Challenge, that now shift focus to how people are impacted by construction, our team is adding new certifications to its credentials – to ensure we maintain and advance our commitment to environmentally-responsive construction.


We are resilient builders.


Changing conditions require adaptive approaches, materials, equipment, and specially engineered solutions to meet new environmental and climate demands. Today, buildings and facilities across every market are in a change mode. Cost controls, schedules, external factors from climate to new facility uses, and new power options – all are impacting the way we build.

We do not stand still. As builders committed to facilitating resilient solutions for our clients and the communities we serve, we bring to our clients new strategies and approaches to produce buildings that can withstand changing occupancy needs as well as climate and natural resource impacts.