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The client required that their current greenhouses receive a major upgrade in cultivation, irrigation, climate controls and security technology. 

Utilizing their existing greenhouses, Holt was tasked with completing the project in phases. The first phase consisted of the renovation of all existing greenhouse bays totaling 43,000 sq. ft. Renovations included exterior utility upgrades, interior excavation, new concrete floors, drainage and irrigation systems, automated environment controls and LED light installation. New metal roof panels, spray-applied foam insulation and state-of-the-art dehumidification and climate controls were installed and wired back through the main corridor to a central control panel in the upgraded electrical room.

The future phases of this project will consist of the renovation to the existing greenhouse spaces, upgrading office and production areas, construction of three infill spaces as well as a new, out of the ground, indoor grow facility with individual climate control grow rooms.

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