Our Team

Through a combination of Holt’s senior leadership and our commitment to our core values, our professional teams are supported with exceptional organizational management and oversight on all of our projects. With an expanding professional team, we continue to invest in new talent, grow existing professionals, and cultivate the next generation of builders.

Amanda Koval

Project Executive, Mid-Atlantic


As Project Executive, Amanda Koval oversees the Holt Mid-Atlantic Business Unit with offices located at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and Reagan National Airport. Koval has over 25 years of experience in Construction Management, working with Holt Construction for the past 15 years of her career. She has managed a diverse array of projects spanning the various Holt-focused Business Units, such as new construction, aviation, food and beverage, entertainment, hospitality, commercial and industrial, corporate interiors, and education, with clients in both the public and private sectors, acting as construction manager, general contractor, or owner’s representative.


For the past four years, Koval’s focus has been in the growth and operations of the Mid-Atlantic Business Unit, leading signature projects at PHL Airport, Center City (Philadelphia), Navy Yard (Philadelphia), DCA Airport (Arlington, VA), and developing a team that represents the core values and quality for which the firm is known.