Our Team

Through a combination of Holt’s senior leadership and our commitment to our core values, our professional teams are supported with exceptional organizational management and oversight on all of our projects. With an expanding professional team, we continue to invest in new talent, grow existing professionals, and cultivate the next generation of builders.

Nicholas Holt

Senior Systems Administrator


Nick Holt is Senior Systems Administrator at Holt Construction and responsible for all information technology operations and services for the firm. He is the fifth generation of Holt lineage to grow our ranks. He is the fifth generation of Holt lineage to grow our ranks. He works with our IT personnel and teams to ensure that all of Holt’s computer systems and networks remain secure and reliable throughout the day. Holt designs and implements the high-level architecture of our firm’s information technology environment while managing teams that maintain computer networks, monitor network availability, and collect data to enhance security and reliability. Holt primarily works on server-side maintenance and deployment tasks while directing teams and specialists that provide user support. He balances his keen technical knowledge with network and data infrastructure management.