Holt Construction has completed multiple mission critical projects throughout the United States.

Due to the secure nature of these facilities, we cannot show these projects. However, we have a small sample list of projects we’ve completed below. If you are interested in learning more about our mission critical work, please contact us or one of our business development experts today.

ProjectProject RoleContract ValueLocation
Camera TroubleshootGeneral Contractor$2,455.00Los Angeles, CA
Fox Plaza LA OfficeGeneral Contractor$3,941.00Los Angeles, CA
Office Shuffle & New CablingGeneral Contractor$5,158.00Menlo Park, CA
Single Mode Fiber TieGeneral Contractor$4,948.00Menlo Park, CA
Troubleshoot Repair CoaxGeneral Contractor$3,364.00Los Angeles, CA
WAP RelocationGeneral Contractor$1,308.00San Francisco, CA
WAP ReplacementGeneral Contractor$947.00Irvine, CA
IT Cabling InstallGeneral Contractor$21,983.00Norwalk, CT
Oversight & MaintenanceGeneral Contractor$3,226.00Hartford, CT
Coax Add for TVGeneral Contractor$1,143.00West Palm Beach, FL
Pod ReconfigurationGeneral Contractor$3,638.00West Palm Beach, FL
RestorationGeneral Contractor$524,374.00Ft Lauderdale, FL
Atlanta Coax InstallGeneral Contractor$2,970.00Atlanta, GA
Rack InstallGeneral Contractor$16,437.00Atlanta, GA
WAP RelocationGeneral Contractor$2,885.00Chicago, IL
Complete DecommissioningGeneral Contractor$2,100,000.00Boston, MA
Data Cage InstallationGeneral Contractor$12,966.00Boston, MA
Fiber RiserGeneral Contractor$19,701.00Boston, MA
Switch RemovalGeneral Contractor$30,082.00Boston, MA
Carteret Data CenterGeneral Contractor$,3051.00Carteret, NJ
Data CenterGeneral Contractor$3,566.00Bridgewater, NJ
DCS RemovalGeneral Contractor$19,217.00Newark, NJ
Door ReplacementGeneral Contractor$11,282.00Jersey City, NJ
Evertrust Building DecommissioningConstruction Manager$3,500,000.00Jersey City, NJ
Floors 6 & 7 Site RestorationGeneral Contractor$1,188,885.00Newark, NJ
NJ Fiber InstallGeneral Contractor$8,971.00Parsippany, NJ
Patch CordsGeneral Contractor$8,856.00Carteret, NJ
UPS Bollards & GPUsGeneral Contractor$5,400.00Newark, NJ
Suite #1203General Contractor$12,928.00New York, NY
Chester SubstationGeneral Contractor$1,200,000.00Chester, NY
DAS InfrastructureGeneral Contractor$1,500,000.00New York, NY
Door InstallationGeneral Contractor$,8717.00New York, NY
East Control Room RenovationGeneral Contractor$1,520,0000.00New York, NY
Elmsford NY SubstationGeneral Contractor$14,000,000.00Elmsford, NY
HVAC ReplacementGeneral Contractor$575,838.00New York, NY
HVAC ReplacementGeneral Contractor$575,838.00New York, NY
Middletown SubstationGeneral Contractor$1,000,000.00Middletown, NY
Pharmaceutical SubstationGeneral Contractor$1,100,000.00Pearl River, NY
Plant SubstationGeneral Contractor$1,000.00Tomkins Cove, NY
Sloatsburg Sanitary Pump StationGeneral Contractor$3,000,000.00Sloatsburg, NY
SubstationGeneral Contractor$1,500,000.00Haverstraw, NY
SubstationGeneral Contractor$13,000,000.00New York, NY
Suite 300-321General Contractor$12,928.00New York, NY
Tenant Condenser RiserGeneral Contractor$1,852,000.00New York, NY
Vehicular Security CenterGeneral Contractor$7,000,000.00New York, NY
26th Floor Wi-fiGeneral Contractor$1,095.00Philadelphia, pA
MaintenanceGeneral Contractor$5,302.00Philadelphia, PA
Ceiling RepairGeneral Contractor$2,178.00Richardson, TX
Plano Restroom RemodelGeneral Contractor$11,197.00Plan, TX
TCC & Call CenterGeneral Contractor$3,546.00Dallas, TX
TCC Added Work Stations Multiple FloorsGeneral Contractor$13,946.00Dallas, TX
Technology Day TwoGeneral Contractor$885.00Austin, TX
WAP CableGeneral Contractor$8,111.00Dallas, TX
WAP TroubleshootGeneral Contractor$979.00Richardson, TX
WeWork Space Oversight & MaintenanceGeneral Contractor$1,423.00Austin, TX
Wi-Fi RemovalGeneral Contractor$2,390.00Dallas, TX
Wi-Fi TroubleshootGeneral Contractor$2,741.00Dallas, TX
6th FloorGeneral Contractor$1,109.00Salt Lake City, UT
8th Floor MaintenanceGeneral Contractor$1,061.00Salt Lake City, UT
Clinic Re-ModelGeneral Contractor$3,207.00Salt Lake City, UT
Data Center Oversight & MaintenanceGeneral Contractor$1,230.00Sandston, VA
Wi-Fi Support Repair SeattleGeneral Contractor$1,2637.00Seattle, WA