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As a superintendent on job sites, I’ve seen firsthand how good safety culture saves lives.

The good thing about the safety culture at Holt Construction is the company is very proactive. Led by Ed Pross, he has really enforced that culture of safety to everybody. Ed and his team provide all the training needed on a job site, regardless of what job it is. And when discussing safety, any issues that need to be raised are addressed thoroughly and quickly. Any changes that need to be made are made. Our safety meetings are held weekly. Any meeting regarding the job site usually starts with safety, and everybody has the tools needed for good safety etiquette which include high visibility jackets, safety glasses, gloves and hard hats.

The safety culture at Holt is amazing. It’s a priority and all the employees are made knowledgeable of safety. Because of that, we don’t just rely on the safety department, everyone on the job site is their own safety officer. We look out for each other so at the end of the day, we go home safely to our loved ones.

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Peter Gotti – General Foreman | Superintendent

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