Holt brings to the market veteran expertise of the construction industry in combination with entrepreneurial attributes allowing us to take great pride in our highly unique projects and our continuing relationships with clients. As a company whose fundamentals have been based on efficiency and team work, we at Holt view preconstruction and construction services as a collaborative effort with the selected Holt team from day one of the project, to project close out.

  • Safety Procedures
  • Scheduling
  • Site Logistics and Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Project Budget and Cost Controlling
  • Project Close Out
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Preconstruction


Holt reviews all existing project documentation, field conditions, review of the current business work processes, building and staging area restrictions, labor requirements etc. Which enables us to become completely informed of all aspects of the work.

More About Preconstruction

We aid the Design Team with cost information, material selections, constructability issues and phasing requirements. We provide project construction budgets at various stages of the design phases along with budget information costing on various design options as they occur to help designers select the most cost effective approach.

We identify the availability of materials, including long-lead time items, while also analyzing various structural alternatives. By providing phasing plans and logistics planning, along with Cost Management and Value Engineering Services, we provide alternate approaches to reduce costs or improve schedules. We prepare a Preliminary Mobilization and Site Logistics Plan along with updated estimates as the project documentation is developed.

Preconstruction Services

  • Participation in design meetings
  • Preparing construction estimates at concept, SD, and DD level
  • Assist in the cost evaluation and development
  • Constructability and coordination reviews at each design submission
  • Development of safety, security, and logistics plans for project
  • Development of a project construction schedule including any required phasing
  • Assist in A/E evaluation
  • Value engineering to maintain project budget
  • Owner equipment coordination review
  • Development of subcontractor bid lists and associated bid packages for trade procurement
  • Preparation of a Guaranteed Maximum Price The GMP shall capture the full intent of the design documents and project scope

Construction Management

Holt performs in the most economical manner, consistent with best industry standards, and lawful construction practices while being an advocate for the Owner interests as it relates to quality, timely completion, finance, and safety.

More About Construction Management

Holt will develop a bid list subject to Owner approval, develop bid packages, and obtain bids for each trade contract from an appropriate number of qualified bidders so as to obtain the most reasonable price for the defined trade scope of work. During the construction phase, Holt has overall responsibility and authority to administer all field construction activities which include coordinating and conducting project meetings, scheduling, cost control, document tracking, change order evaluation, claims, and risk management. The Holt team will provide an efficient means by which all work will be controlled, coordinated, and expedited.

General Contracting

Holt offers above average general contracting services for bid and negotiated projects from Owners looking to move their design and plan into the construction phase

More About General Contracting

For over 99 years, Holt provides the Owner with exceptional general contracting services, who choose us because of our highly-skilled estimators, construction personal, and a large base of subcontractors and vendors in NY, NJ, PA, MA, and TX which go through our thorough qualification process. Holt ensures a competitive bid on all projects of various size and type.

Our services include the entire gambit of the project from early planning and design, through construction, completion, and closeout. Holt utilizes the latest technologies which benefit scheduling, safety plans, and cost controls to ensure the Owner’s project stays within the schedule and completed on-time.


Holt is responsible for all project phases, including programming, design, engineering, permitting, and construction. Design-Build will smooth processes, allowing Holt to guide the Owner through the most effortless turnkey projects available; utilizing our in-house architects, engineers, and the most respected A/E firms in the area.


While the terms and contract form are a new project delivery method to the industry, we at Holt feel this is a natural progression of our core values and services we have been providing our clients since inception almost a century ago.

More About IPD/CPD

One team and one goal; a group of professionals’ problem solving and functioning cohesively with the best interests of the Owner at the forefront. The key elements of this approach is the understanding of the project goals and site constraints from an Owner’s point of view. Key skills are the ability to listen, offer solutions, debate best paths, acceptance, and execution of the teams approach.

Holt’s strengthens in the IPD/CPD process help to empower the team and give a transparent process which reduces timelines and cost. The IPD/CPD cultivates a collaborative culture between all parties and has been utilized on multiple projects throughout our markets.