Our approach is based on a combination of real-world experience and teamwork


Holt Construction is proud in providing highly reliable Pre Construction logistical, estimating and constructability support to the project team which allows the sponsors to make informed decision throughout the process.

Holt Construction reviews all existing project documentation, field conditions, review of the current business work processes, building and staging area restrictions, labor requirements etc. which enables us to become completely informed of all aspects of the work.

We participate in Owner/Architect design meeting, aid the Design Team with cost information, material selections, constructability issues and phasing requirements. We provide project construction budgets at various stages of the design phases along with budget information costing on various design options as they occur to help designers select the most cost effective approach.

We review and advise on all disciplines of the design while also analyze Systems and Materials to be used. We identify availability of materials including long-lead time items, while also analyzing various structural alternatives. By providing phasing plans and logistically planning along with Cost Management and Value Engineering Services We give an Alternate approaches to reduce costs or improve schedules and develop a detailed construction progress schedule. We prepare a Preliminary Mobilization and Site Logistics Plan along with a prepared updated estimates as the project documentation is developed.