Long Island Association Natalie’s Candy Jar

Holt Construction was selected to construct this store in the new Terminal C and E connector link which was still under construction.

This meant that access to the site was from the tarmac, use of a lull to access the low roof leading to the opening in the exterior wall of the new construction. As the space was under construction the only space for storage of material was the store itself so coordination of the various trades was essential to the timely completion of the Project. Further, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical services were dependent on the completion of base building construction so coordination was also required with two of the other General Contractors working in the area.

Good cooperation between Holt and the Owner, Management, Massport, TSA, and the other General Contractors led to a successful completion, on time and on budget with Natalie’s Candy Jar opening with the opening of the connector link.




AKF Group


370 Square Feet


Logan International Airport Boston, MA

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