Lovett Plant Substation

Serving as General Contractor, Holt constructed this high profile project that consisted of an extension to a live substation that required continuous and uninterrupted power during the entire construction process.

In addition to the extension and addition to the substation, the project included core, footing, and foundation work inside the plant. Holt expanded the existing grounding grid throughout the new extension along with concrete conduits. The fencing required modification for the new area, which all required close coordination with the High-Voltage Electrical contractors.

Due to the fact that portions of the substation’s existing electrical grid could not be shut down once construction commenced, significant coordination and collaboration was required between Holt and our trade partners, the owner and specifically the electrical contractors. This included a focus on safety measures, including a specialized approach for earth moving equipment, the use of smaller machines, and proper PPE. Safety compliance was a critical component to the success of this project.




Orange & Rockland Engineering


200,000 Square Feet


Tomkins Cove, NY

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