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Mi Casa Bar and Restaurant

Holt Construction Corp. was selected to complete the premier Mi Casa Bar and Restaurant, a large scale eatery within Terminal 4 which encompasses multiple spaces within the terminal.

In preparation for this large-scale food and beverage project, Holt Construction Corp. was brought on to bring this uniquely-styled restaurant to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Outfitted with unique amenities, the cantina aims to become the premier eatery within the terminal.

The scope included a total of two kitchens; including a front-of-house display, and back-of-house kitchen for large scaled cooking. Other amenities include a custom-wood bar equipped with stone tops, outfitted with a 16-tap beer tower. Desiring a space to store the many beverages, a custom metal framed hanging steel gantry, which encompasses the bar was installed. Holt provided accommodations to the commissioned artist, who was responsible for creating the restaurant’s wall-sized themed mural. The Holt team completed prep work and finishes throughout the mural’s on-site development.

Overall construction of the full-service bar and restaurant included the complete demolition of three existing retail spaces and commencing the ground-up work. The space includes instituting two kitchens incorporating a total of two exhaust hoods. The gantry installation required heavy coordination with respective trades in order to provide adequate steel and structural support. Holt prepped the mural’s space with the required base color and was responsible for coating the finished project with industry certified varnish which would enable the area to be cleaned and maintained over a long period of time.




RCGA Architects


3,200 SF


John F. Kennedy International Airport Queens, NY

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