Michael Kors

Holt Construction Corp. was successful in the award and construction of the Michael Kors retail fit-out in JFK Airport.

Presented with only partially completed scoping documents, Holt was able to define constructible details in the field and finish the project in an unprecedented amount of time. By taking the designers’ vision and concept, Holt was able to creatively pair resources in the 3-D world to come up with the perfect logistics plan that balanced both time and cost.

To accomplish the turnover for the busy July 4th weekend, a temporary portal was contemplated and put into action while the long-lead permanent finishes were being fabricated off site. The final product included exquisite high-end finishes focusing on millwork and electrical components and provided Michael Kors with a flagship store worthy of their loyal customers.




ASL Architects


800 Square Feet


John F. Kennedy International Airport, Queens, NY

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