Middletown NY Substation

Holt serviced as General Contractor for this out-of-the-ground substation project, which included site work, grounding, drainage and erosion control in addition to concrete footing and foundation work.

Clearing of vegetation at the site and temporary environmental controls were installed at this time. The area was then leveled by cutting and filling as necessary to bring the site up to sub-grade.

Following the concrete foundations, the substation equipment was delivered and included security fencing, steel structures, circuit breakers, transformers, capacitor banks, and control buildings.

A new grounding grid and concrete encased conduits within and outside the substation were also installed. A new steel structure was constructed along with a new control house and fencing.

The project was completed with the collaboration of electrical contractors for the installation of the High Voltage lines and units. Special care was taken and safety was mitigated during the projects’ approach to ensure the safety of crews and equipment.




Orange & Rockland Engineering


45,000 Square Feet


Middletown, NY

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