Orange & Rockland Utilities Verizon Substation

This substation facility was designed to expand electric service to commercial and residential customers in the area, improve electric service reliability for those customers, promote tax stability in the community and enhance economic development opportunities.

Holt was the General Contractor on this new facility and handled all of the site work on this challenging site, including the construction of retaining walls. Constructing along Verizon communication lines, the project required new concrete footings, foundations and caissons, along with erecting a steel structure to house the new electrical equipment.

Holt overcame the site conditions which made rigging tasks extremely meticulous and time consuming. In addition, Holt emptied the conduits, which were encased in concrete, in-order to lay down a new grounding grid. The project concluded with new fencing around the perimeter of the site, in addition to site restoration. Sound and Retaining walls were also installed around the facility.




Orange & Rockland Engineering


120,000 Square Feet


New York, NY

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