This high-end candy store had unique challenges to this one-of-a-kind space but through past experience with this location and market we were able to deliver the project on time and on budget.

The scope for this twelve week schedule included the build-out to the store itself and storage rooms with new finishes. While the original schedule had the floors as is, the client requested new stone flooring to be added. While this may have caused delays, through Holt’s management and mitigating the workload, we were able to meet the required dates.

As this was a confined space with minimal enter and exit points, special care was taken when items were being delivered to the site. Holt utilized special techniques and precautions as this was a heavily traveled location to building tenants and the general public. Because of our due diligence, the space opened on time and without incidence.




Epoch Design Group


547 SF


30 Rockefeller Center New York, NY

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Understanding that a retail space exemplifies a client’s brand, Holt has built nearly 10 million SF of space including specialty, luxury and jewelry stores, in addition to Bank branches and other retail spaces.  Our work includes tenant build-outs, fit-outs, renovation, turnkey, and ground-up projects.

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