Toyota Offices Office Fit-out

With only eight weeks to complete a twelve week job with two long lead mechanical units, we were able to allow the tenant to move in and occupy their space prior to our scheduled completion date with only minimal critical task items to complete afterwards.

In the field, Holt was able to come up with a successful approach to bring the tenant up to speed with the construction and allow their furnishings to be installed in a timely manner with our schedule.

Holt installed an air handler in the ceiling that was scheduled to be delivered four weeks after the tenant move-in date. Being that the AHU was only for summer cooling services and our completion date was November 2015 (winter), we were able to close-up the ceilings and allow the tenant to move in without an AHU in the ceiling.

Once the unit had arrived, after hours Holt took down the ceiling, installed the AHU and had the ceilings installed. This scheduling and coordination allowed for completion dates to be met without all items being in our control.






3,000 SF


New York, NY

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