7D Ride and Attraction

East Rutherford, NJ

Holt Construction provided general contracting services for  a virtual 7D interactive experience which is a multi-sensory, immersive experience ride that combines all your senses with competitive group play along with wind and intense graphics.

Holt renovated the space in which the theater and ride would operate, including new electrical wiring, multi-element custom store front, audio, data lines, and general infrastructure improvements which would allow the team to install the dark ride. Key components of this project required specialty power and data lines precisely connecting with the unit once installed. These data ports were all connected through a raised floor and stage area. A multi-projection setup was installed in addition to a specialty screen that doubles as the speaker system. Due to manpower shortage, the installers required Holt to collaborate on storage, moving, and installing the seats. Due to the motors, sensors and hydraulics for each seat, Holt worked with the installers to connect and tie into the cabling and data lines to open the facility on time.

Project Role
General Contractor


Contract Value

1,200 sq. ft.

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