AA Admirals Club Reno BOS

At Boston Logan International Airport, American Airlines, required a massive expansion and densification for the new Admirals Club which would accommodate space for American’s rising influx of guests.


Entrance into the club provides scenic views of downtown Boston blending traditional Boston with the American Airlines’ brand Identity throughout the space. An open lobby design breaks into a quiet room, conference room, eating and seating area where guests can relax and dine from one of the largest ever built kitchens within the airport to date.


In addition to the passenger area, private showers, restrooms, employee offices and substantial back-of-house storage were constructed to meet the date of the MassPort Terminal B Optimization Project’s opening. A full-service bar and children’s area, designed by Universal Studios, was constructed in addition to sophisticated ring lighting, wood, stone and glass finishes and multiple USB outlets built into the seating. The entire project required the demolition of over 4,000 SF of unused space and over 10,000 SF of renovations to the existing Club. Collaborating in an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) partnership with American Airlines and the Architect, Ghafari, Holt worked with the group through design and construction to complete the project well in advance of the actual Terminal B completion.


American Airlines


Boston Logan Internationall Airport