AA North Pier Club Renovation DCA

IPD Teaming for the renovation of the existing lounge located in Terminal C North for the purposes of increasing capacity and service, enlarging the Kitchen footprint and operations,and updating the club to meet with the American Airlines brand.

Holt was engaged as the GC within the team to lead all efforts related to budgeting, discovery of existing conditions schedule, logistics, and value engineering. Holt composed a comprehensive budget and approach within the IPD structure to provide American Airlines with funding requirements. The project design encountered several complex challenges that Holt assisted to resolve using on site discovery, preliminary coordination and communication efforts with the local authorities and possible affected tenants, and detailed pricing exercises assessing all facets of impact. Some of these challenges were:


  • Phasing options to maintain club operations or to provide a temporary area of services. This item created the need for several layered iterations of budget and schedule for consideration along with careful review of life safety in each phase.
  • Location of the Club sitting above an existing and operational restaurant initiated the careful consideration of viable access within the ceiling of said restaurant while maintaining operations in a safe and clean environment.
  • Creating a designated, private space for dignitaries that travel to/ from the Washington DC airport to meet with specific limitation of provisions and separation.


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