AHS Overlook Medical Center Helipad

Holt contracted with FEC Heliports, a firm that has designed, manufactured and installed over 150 aluminum rooftop helipads in the US, came together to construction this rooftop venture. As the area was still being utilized by the hospital with patients, employees and visitors utilizing the areas below, great care was taken to mitigate any safety hazards.


Working with Buckl Architects and medical center personnel, the project was coordinated with local authorities and the NJ State Police Aviation Bureau. The heliport arrived at the medical center after a steel structure was constructed to support the system.  It included not only the deck and safety netting, but also lighting, fire suppression and snow-melting skids. In addition to relocating over 80 antennas to other areas on the roof, Holt reconstructed the existing rooftop penthouse and completed a comprehensive elevator modernization and car upgrade for two elevators.


Since the helipad opening on November 28, 2016, 100 critically ill neuroscience patients have been transferred by air from other hospitals to the medical center’s Atlantic Neuroscience Institute.


Atlantic Health System


Summit, NJ