Alaska Airlines First Class Lounge JFK

The Lounge was designed and built to resemble the ambiance of a high-end gathering space, this prototype lounge is equipped with various seating areas for privacy, groups, and leisure. The space caters to a diverse group of travelers with one-of-a-kind fixtures, seating, and lighting. This marks Alaska Airlines first ever lounge located on the East Coast.


To construct most of the lounge, all items were delivered air side with specialized scaffolding erected on the outside. Materials could not be delivered through the terminal. This required close coordination with the airport, PANY/NJ, trades, and owners.


The lounge which accommodates 100 guests includes hospitable amenities and a variety of seating areas including their “Take a Breath” quieter, living room area, “Help Yourself” food pantry space, and “Cut Loose” liquor bar. In addition, this is the first domestic lounge to include a full menu of barista created espresso beverages, by Starbucks-trained baristas. To better define the space, the lounge features more eclectic furniture, open ceilings, and ample lighting and power connectivity. An accent fireplace serves as the lounge’s focal point and creates a less corporate, homier atmosphere.


Alaska Airlines


John F. Kennedy International Airport