Bowline Substation

The site consists of several storage tanks for fuel, lubricating oils, and chemicals. The project consisted of underground work including environmental safety within a 4-month schedule. The underground oil pipes began at the docks located on the Hudson River and traveled 1,700 feet to the oil tank farm. Three valve chamber facilities were constructed alongside a private road for maintenance of the new pipelines. Insulated 16” and 18” oil pipes were placed underground along with two steam pipes to heat the oil as it passed through. The pipeline utilized cathodic protection to control the corrosion of metal surfaces and distribution of electricity if hit with lighting. This was encased in insulated material to extend the life of the pipes and protect the surrounding wetlands. To test for buildup and foreign material which could cause transmittal slows or blockage, pipeline pigging was utilized to ensure the new pipes were clean.


Due to both pipelines being replaced at once, the site had enough fuel for 4 months, at which time the oil tankers would need to refuel the power plant. This required close coordination with all trades, Orange & Rockland and environmental entities to complete the project on time with minimal disruption to plant activities and the surrounding areas.


Orange & Rockland


Haverstraw, NY