CBS Office & Studio Renovation

Office relocation and renovations for room 2305, 2304, Broadcast Center offices and corridor walls.


Work also included opening the ceiling for access to the work area, remove cinderblock for access to the end switch on the 2nd, 4th and 5th floor. Furnish and install an access door at the same locations, Close/Patch the ceiling, and clean-up. Work proceeded within bathrooms, remove sheet rock ceiling for access to SF-1, replace one existing 4SF FSD at SF-2 on the 5th floor (electric & fire alarm by others). Included was the removal of desktops and back panels of three desks for electrical disconnects, remove, and disassemble one (2 person) and two (4 person) desks. Holt rewired the two desks at their new locations, reinstall their desktops and back panels, relocate all cabinets and files as required to the new locations. Holt also constructed 8LF of wall to the underside of the existing ceiling, furnish and install a 3070 LH door and frame, tape and Spackle the new walls, paint the new walls and Door, Furnish, and Install four shelving units so that they line the left and right walls of the storage room. Work also included drilling a hole through the existing wall so that the copier can remain in its current location, relocate one fire extinguisher, hook, and clean-up.


CBS Broadcasting


New York, NY