Compassion First AirHeart Pet Hospital

The first-ever full-service airport veterinary hospital, at JFK is the world’s first privately-owned, 24-hour animal terminal and airport quarantine center at JFK.


This project is an interior fit-out for a Vet Clinic at JFK Airport, which is inspired by aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. Designed to be a 24-hour facility, the clinic serves both the public and airport customers with primary and urgent care emergency services.


The space is equipped with state-of-the-art animal imaging, exam rooms, recovery suites, physical therapy procedure rooms, surgery rooms, administrative areas, and outdoor recreation areas. The entire clinic is serviced by a single air handler with 100% outside air to eliminate cross-contamination between spaces. The finishes are designed to be hospital-grade so that casework, floors, walls, and ceilings can be easily disinfected. A luxury waiting area which can be partitioned depending on the animal being treated is equipped with automatic feeding dispensers and wall graphics.


The hospital features six exam rooms, two isolation wards, three patient wards, radiology suite, dental/special procedures suite, two operating rooms, an instrument and surgery prep area, treatment room, pharmacy, and lab area.


Compassion First Pet Hospitals


John F. Kennedy International Airport