Continental/United Airlines Cleanslate I, II, & III Jet Bridge & Fuel Relocation EWR

Relocation of a selection of passenger boarding gates:


Cleanslate I & II |

The scope of the project included dismantling existing jetway bridges and associated equipment, the installation of new and longer jetway bridges with new concrete foundations, an array of aircraft for conditioning and power units, and the relocation of the underground jet fuel lines and connection points to locations deemed appropriate for larger aircraft. There was demolition work on the existing runway and taxiway paving, which was then reinstalled to provide groundwork for oncoming structural installations. All of the work was completed during normal daily flight schedules, while three adjacent gates had been taken out of commission at any time, with little interruption to passenger service. Extensive coordination between Holt and Continental Personnel was necessary for the seamless completion of the timely project.


Cleanslate III

Holt Construction Corp. commenced construction on the expansion and fuel work on Cleanslate 3 consisting of terminal expansion, fueling and gate alterations project was to facilitate the multiple-bridge-boarding of wide body aircrafts for United Airlines. There was a ground-up construction of a terminal extension building in concourse C33, as well as the reconfiguration of fueling systems at multiple gates in C3. The actual terminal extension is a structural steel framed building clad in metal panels built upon both an existing foundation and new foundations. Ground improvement in the form of rigid inclusions (controlled modulus columns) is required for new foundations.


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