Corporate Interior Fit-out

New York, NY

Holt Construction was selected to construct a custom office fit-out for the client’s Chairman, creating a partnership that would help cultivate the 200 Vesey Street office space into a truly unique project.

The wood paneling was kept in place, but was stripped and resurfaced, all done during the weekend to avoid interfering with construction. The conference room consisted of a unique light fixture, which included the combination of mesh with a fabric overlay to damper the lighting. The installation required specialized tools to stretch and install the fixture. In efforts to apply cost saving and creative solutions, Holt collaborated with the architect when installing audio equipment into the ceilings avoid interfering with the delicate fabric. Other noteworthy specifications include the installation of sound proof paneling. Holt was able to mitigate safety concerns and noise pollution through strategic planning and commitment to establishing a seamless communication system, as this was a shared space with employees and construction took place during normal working hours. Over the course of the project, close coordination and extensive collaboration between Holt, the architect, trades and owner was essential for the establishment of a seamless operation.

Contract Value

8,000 sq. ft.

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