Elevator Addition

Morristown, NJ

This new elevator addition was the third project that Holt Construction has completed with this client.

The scope involved two phases starting with a full depth repaving and striping of the north parking lot. The modifications of existing storm structures and a new underground detention basin were also included. Phase two consisted of the construction of two elevator shafts which included the elevators, lobby and canopy on the south side of the existing building; along with new curbs, sidewalk and modifications to the south parking lot configuration. The replacement of the parking lot light luminaries to energy efficient LED lighting, as well as the addition of new light poles, were included in the project’s undertaking. New signage was installed on the building’s north and south sides, in addition to new entry storefronts and landscaping for the entire site.

Project Role
Construction Manager at Risk

Contract Value

12,000 sq. ft.

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