Emergency Department Swing Space Renovation

Newton, NJ

Holt Construction partnered with the client as construction manager for the completion of the center’s swing space.

The scope of work includes multiple rooms to expand the behavioral health section of the facility including nurse stations, patient rooms and observation areas. The spaces were built for the patients’ wellbeing with reinforced wicket doors, polycarbonate impact resistant glass and eighteen-gauge metal studs installed within the wall’s frame. Specialized remote equipment was installed which allows the nurses to lockout stations within the rooms through a metal barrier, and s specialized Sally Port entrance was constructed. All work was completed behind ICRA panels to maintain constant negative pressure.

After demolition of the existing space, all wiring and video equipment were installed through the walls with access points throughout the space and within a central nursing station. Each room was installed with electronic shut off switches and controls that would connect to the metal shutters and lights. Each patient room has hard sheetrock ceilings with security grills, institutional heads and two clinical cameras. A specialized restroom was constructed with shower through a seamless wall and floor process which would make cleaning the area easy.

Four rooms are optional trauma rooms and can be converted into behavioral health rooms. Two additional rooms are secure hold rooms, including a med room with an Omnicell system.

Project Role
Construction Manager

Contract Value

5,200 sq. ft.

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