Etihad Airways Flagship Lounge JFK

The distinctive flagship lounge located at Terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy International Airport, is for one of the world’s largest airlines of the United Arab Emirates. The new lounge was offers world-class hospitality. The project features a signature entrance, expansive and exclusive views with floor to ceiling windows, a bar with curated drinks, an intimate dining area, relaxation facilities and new bespoke furniture customized to reflect the airline’s brand. A lounge of this type is one-of-a-kind with specialty ceilings, metal wall panels, and high-end finishes through-out.


This project consisted of constructing a new core and shell for the space within the terminal as well as upgrading the HVAC and mechanical systems. Despite the overall size, this lounge includes a VIP residence room, inclusive bathrooms, a fully functioning kitchen, fully operational bar, dining room and ablution rooms.


This is Etihad Airways’ second lounge opening within the U.S. after Dulles Airport. First designed in Facets of Abu Dhabi identity, the space also reflects a modern aircraft cabin interior while also inspired by traditional Emirati design, landscapes of the desert and the geometric shapes found in modern Abu Dhabi architecture.



Etihad Airways


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